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We only have one planet! Why carbon neutrality is a logical step.
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all i need in your hand. Open the can. A fizzle. A sip with a clear conscience. Energy’s up, put down the can, you’ve protected the environment.

all i need is a naturally activating tea beverage, made only from the most delicious gifts from our earth. Every ingredient grows from the earth – organically, which is especially important to us. What’s good for us should be good for the planet as well. Nothing artificial, nothing from the laboratory, only real, natural and organic ingredients. We thought it was time to give something back to nature.

To make it possible that all i need. continues to be naturally activating, we compensate the emitted carbon dioxide of our entire production. We want to protect the planet, therefore we are carbon neutral produced.

Due to human activities, our unique planet has to grapple with climate warming, which is accelerating to such an extent that we don’t know what will happen if we don’t support climate protection. Therefore, all i need now does something to support it.

So, we sat down, thought about it and came across a challenge. Although we don’t use any artificial ingredients and do our best to produce in a way that doesn’t waste precious resources, we’re still directly or indirectly emitting CO2.

Now, we change that!

We have reduced CO2 wherever it was possible. From the plants that provide the ingredients for all i need to the shelf where you get our drinks, we have calculated and minimized our carbon footprint. What is left and can’t be avoided, will from now on be compensated. While some scientists are working on machines that are supposed to suck CO2 from the atmosphere like vacuum cleaners, we do it the natural way. We plant as many trees as necessary in order to turn the CO2 that is left over from our production chain into oxygen. And we do it just where our planet has already created a jungle: in the Amazon region.

To put it simply: the CO2 we emit into the atmosphere is turned into oxygen again by trees that are planted thanks to our reforestation projects. Nature gives us what we need to produce our beverages and we give trees back to nature, so it can recover.

We are all part of a closed system, namely our blue planet that buzzes through the universe. No matter which theory we believe, something has made that every detail makes sense: our atmosphere consists of many different gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2). In simple terms, plants process CO2, sun and water into oxygen and sugar. We inhale this oxygen and exhale CO2. A cycle that permits every one of us to live.

You see, the atmosphere contains CO2 by nature. The problem is that humans emit a huge amount of additional CO2, which increases the share of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem, if there were enough plants turning the carbon dioxide back into oxygen – but humans chop down trees in order to build cities or establish plantations. So, not only do we bring more carbon dioxide into the system, we also take away the things that could process it.

This imbalance leads to an accumulation of CO2. Sunrays, which travel 149.600.000 km, keep our climate warm. But they are also reflected from the earth’s surface. Our atmosphere keeps the sunrays here for a while, in order to guarantee our current climate. Without it, the average temperature on earth would be -18°C – no plant would survive that, and neither would we. But when the atmosphere is full of additional CO2 and other exhaust gases, the sunrays remain within it for too long. The planet heats up due to this extra layer, as if we were wearing sweater on a warm summer day.

The United Nations has established 17 goals for a sustainable development of our planet – for a peaceful and fair world. Smart scientists and politicians are mulling over strategies for implementing them. Until they’ve negotiated a global solution, we make our personal contribution. Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12) and Climate Action (Goal 13) are particularly important to us. A carbon neutral all i need brings us closer to reaching these goals.

We want to make it possible for our producers to live from their work in the long run. No matter if they are in Brazil, China or Austria, with our carbon neutral way of thinking we want to support them. Neutral towards the planet, neutral towards those who are most affected, protective and natural, just as we want it to be.

You, we and everyone else leaves a CO2-footprint in their everyday life. Every single action contributes to the fact that our climate will heat up by approximately 3-4°C until 2050, according to recent prognosis. We are doing our best to reduce our footprint. Reduction and compensation give our planet back what we borrow from it. Everything about the production of all i need. is carbon neutral. Now it’s up to you to continue on this eco-friendly path. It’s in your hands.

Written by Paula Trepczyk – all i need Junior Brand Ambassador and co-founder of CliMates Österreich.

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