Naturally activating tea drinks

Naturally activating
tea drinks

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4 words that not only define our products, but also make them something very special. Let’s start at the end:


Yes, we produce refreshments. And as for us refreshment is closely connected to pleasure, our clear goal is to produce refreshments which are fun. And in order to achieve this goal, they have to:

  • contain highest-quality ingredients
  • look good
  • taste good
  • have an activating effect
  • give us a really good feeling.


For this mission we only use high-quality tea, which comes from a cooperative in Hunan, China. Every can and bottle of all i need. Green Tea contains tea which is freshly brewed according to Chinese tradition. For all i need. White Tea we use the cold brewing method, which is currently the biggest trend in the tea sector. Our premium tea is worth the while – you can taste it and feel it. Because our products contain everything that makes tea special. The most important things are:

  • essential oils for the unique scent and the calming effect.
  • lots of theine, which means completely natural caffeine for the activating effect.


Speaking of theine – we also like to call it premium caffeine. And rightly so: in contrast to normal caffeine from coffee or synthetically produced caffeine, theine has a particularly balanced and long-lasting effect. The reason lies in the tea’s tannins. They can bind the premium caffeine for a long time and therefore ensure a long-lasting, sustainable effect.


Not only our activating function is 100% natural. Our products are. Let’s put it in a nutshell:

  • only natural ingredients
  • organic cultivation
  • sustainable production

So, now you see how our entire philosophy can be put in 4 words: naturally activating tea drinks. And we make them – also out of self-interest – for ourselves:

  • for our body, thanks to naturally healthy pleasure
  • for our mind, due to the activating function
  • for our earth, thanks to sustainable production