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all i need. White Tea ingredients: lime The party refreshment
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When it comes along, people dance. Or sing. They definitely laugh. And enjoy. This fruit is the party animal among the citrus fruits. How else can it be explained that it has made it into relaxed South American drinks, such as Mojito, Caipirinha and Cuba Libre?

The facts

  • Nothing against lemons, but limes just have a much more intense aroma and a tangier taste, and that’s what matters to us.
  • The taste of limes is the ideal complement to the taste of apples – another ingredient of our all i need energy.
  • Originally, this fruit comes from the tropics and was brought to Europe in the Middle Age by the crusaders. And maybe they already had a lot of fun with this party fruit…

Everyone likes limes!

Actually, there’s not a lot to say about this fruit. It neither has a high vitamin C content (although one would expect that), nor miraculous healing powers (in contrast to almost all the other ingredients of all i need. White Tea). It simply stands out thanks to its incomparable taste and makes you want to…PARTY!

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