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On all i need. time – back in 10 minutes The perfect refreshment for work.
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You’re having a long day, work is piling up, your head is buzzing with thousands of thoughts and your legs crave for exercise. Everything you need is a time-out to recharge your batteries. To pause for a moment, breathe deeply, recharge, refresh. In a nutshell: an all i need. moment.

We all know that feeling. And so do the employees of Microsoft Austria. That’s why we’ve had the chance to be part of the campaign “Fuel your body”, which focuses on exercise and a healthy diet. The campaign’s drink was the healthy green tea alternative: all i need.

“Let’s move away from sugared soft drinks, towards the natural alternative with great taste and a high fun factor!” says Lukas Keller, Director and Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Austria, explaining why all i need. is the ideal choice for this project. With its pleasant sweetness from Wild Agave juice and its high antioxidant content from the superfruits aronia and açaí, all i need. has a natural, energizing effect and is sustainable in the finish.

Of course, we are pleased to hear that and so we thought that there might be more companies and employees that are interested in a healthier refreshment. And now we hope that this assumption is right.

With this in mind, let’s join forces to make your everyday working life healthier. If you want to make your working week more productive and more sustainable, we’d be happy to receive your company’s inquiry for cooperation. Just send an e-mail with the subject “all i need. time” to office@allineed.com.

And to help you convince your company, we give you the opportunity to win an office supply of all i need. on Facebook. And rumor has it that we’ll not only send you all i need. Green Tea, but also our new all i need. White Tea.

However, there is a catch in it: we are only responsible for the drink, not for the exercise – that’s something you’ll have to do yourself. But we give you a tip: for a start, repeated biceps training with 250 ml cans of all i need. will do the trick…

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