CO2 neutral in der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette- all i need.

Carbon neutral

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In the future, natural and organic production won’t be possible without a carbon neutral production. If we want to use our resources sustainably, it is indispensable to give something back to our nature.

Due to human activities, our planet is grappling with massive global warming. To put it short: carbon dioxide naturally exists in our atmosphere. The problem is that humans are emitting a huge amount of additional CO2, which increases the share of CO2 in the atmosphere. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem, if there were enough plants turning the carbon dioxide into oxygen – but that’s not the case. On the one hand, there’s too much CO2, on the other hand we have too few trees absorbing and transforming it.

Yes, we produce refreshments in cans and bottles – because we want to offer a real alternative to purely synthetic and unhealthy drinks. Yes, the production in itself is not very good for the environment. But exactly because we know that, we want to change the beverage market. People produce, buy and drink beverages – the question is: what kind of beverages?

We see ourselves as an alternative, as a wake-up-call for the industry, as pioneers for a sustainable and natural beverage production. We have reduced carbon dioxide where it was possible. From the plants that provide the ingredients for all i need. to the shelf where you get our drinks, we have calculated and minimized our carbon footprint. What is left and can’t be avoided in the production, will from now on be compensated. And, as usual, we do that in a completely natural way: we’re planting as many trees as necessary in order to turn the CO2 that is left over from our production into oxygen. And we do it just where our planet has already created a jungle: in the Amazon region in Peru.

So, you see how complicated and, at the same time, how simple carbon neutrality can be. And we achieve that together with the experts of mindful mission.