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all i need. Vitamin Tea Ingredients: Bifidus
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all i need. was the first beverage producer in Austria to produce in a 100% CO2-neutral way. Now we are the first to integrate bifidus cultures into our new Vitamin Teas. Too much self-congratulations? Maybe, but doesn’t matter, right?

Bifidus – if the guts are doing well, we are feeling well.

And that sums it up in a strictly non-scientific way: dead bacteria that strengthen us from within, keep the intestinal flora healthy, support our immune system and have a great side effect: we feel good all over!

Watch-out: Trendsetter bacteria

Dead bacteria? For those who now fall into pitiful lethargy, “dead” in this case is not a bad thing. On the contrary, these bacteria allow us to make use of all their beneficial effects, but at the same time we can put them in our all i need. Vitamin Teas, so it doesn’t have to be yogurt for the bacteria to survive.

Bacteria know-how

  • Probioticum = contains living bifidobacteria.
  • Prebioticum = nutritional basis for these bifidobacteria.
  • Postbioticum = dead bacteria and metabolic products of the intestinal bacteria -> Bifidus, which we are talking about here.

We do not understand why it is not called bifitdus, here we are at our wit’s end…

Range of use of our bifidus bacteria

At the moment (and it doesn’t have to stay with just these two for long) you can find our bifidus cultures in our two all i need. Vitamin Teas FOCUS and RELAX. In these still-teas they are just waiting to unfold their effect and spread well-being…

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