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all i need. Black Tea ingredients: Lemon
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The decision to use black tea after having already used green tea and white tea was made quickly. The only decision that was made even quicklier was the one using lemon in that drink. 50% of our team thinks black tea and lemon are a perfect match. And the other 50%? Well, we might have just ignored them. After all, it does not matter how you prefer your black tea. Lemon is a fantastic ingredient of all i need. Black Tea.

The facts

  • Lemon contains high levels of vitamin C, but also a lot of other substances, like calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Lemon is also very rich in antioxidants.
  • Even though apples and cherries contain citric acid as well, the taste of lemon is very intense due to its high pH level.
  • So by drinking pure lemon juice, it is hardly possible not to pull a face … Challenge accepted, anyone?

The Natural Fun

We often claim that drinking our products is great fun and we are absolutely sure this is true for all three of our products. Especially for the all i need. Black Tea, thanks to the lemon. As we’ve already pointed out, there actually exists a German proverb, proving “sauer macht lustig”.

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