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all i need. Black Tea ingredients: Black Tea The International Superstar.
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Strong, full-bodied and in some cases even malty. Black tea is the international versatility champion among teas. Tastes differ when drinking it warm: People drink it with milk, lemon, with both or neither. With the chilled version, however, it is perfectly clear that nothing suits our newest product better than pure, biological and very sophisticated black tea from Africa.

The facts

  • The classic type of tea.
  • The one and only tea for teatime in Great Britain.
  • Part of the production process is fermenting the leaves, which gives the drink its full-bodied taste.
  • Is the most oxidized type of tea.
  • In China, people sometimes call it “Red Tea”, due to its color.
  • Black tea is also considered a remedy. It can be used when having an upset stomach or for strengthening the immune system.

Traditionally brewed

Hot water, whole tea leaves and here we go. The traditional brew method for tea, just like it is used in billions of households around the globe, forms the basis of all I need. Black Tea. And nothing is more suitable for this process than black tea. It is a wonderful ingredient, a real stimulant and our new favorite type of tea (please don’t tell green tea and white tea).

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