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all i need. Black Tea ingredients: Colanut Back to the roots.
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It gets tropical. You can find the colanut tree especially in the tropical areas of Africa. People there have used it as a luxury food for several centuries. They smash the colanut into small pieces and chew it for a long time. We decided on a different way of processing it and, hence, made the colanut one of our main brewing ingredients.

The facts

  • The colanut is the basis and origin of all cola drinks. Mass production has been substituting it with chemical ingredients.
  • The colanut is the seed of the cola tree.
  • It is very rich in caffeine.
  • One of the ingredients is catechin, which has an antioxidative effect.
  • In some parts of the world, the colanut is seen as a token of hospitality and is therefore often used as a present.

Back to the roots

Colanut, or well, let’s call it co-lala nut, makes our heart sing. Due to its high level of caffeine and its antioxidative effect, the colanut poses a real highlight among the ingredients of our all i need. products. It is a return to the origin of all cola drinks. This does not only taste good, but also brings back childhood memories.

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