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all i need. Black Tea ingredients: Cardamom Do you really spell it this way?
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People always think they make a typing mistake when writing down “cardamoM”. Looking at the cardamom bush, it kind of resembles lilies of the valley. So as you can see, it is not quite easy with this delicate ingredient. Nevertheless, we are totally convinced of cardamom because of its taste and all its positive characteristics.

The facts

  • Cardamom is part of the ginger-plants.
  • The seeds of the plant hold a lot of healthy substances, which have, inter alia, antibacterial and antispasmodic effects.
  • Additionally, this spice is very rich in essential oils.
  • It is also said that cardamom cures a headache after a long night out.

Badaboom Kardamom!

Cardamom gives our all i need. Black Tea a very special touch. It is part of the ginger-plants and a distinguished member of our product family, just like ginger in our Green Tea and curcuma in our White Tea.

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