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all i need. White Tea ingredients: apple The magic bullet from our neighborhood
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Have you ever wondered why the symbol of one of the leading high-tech companies isn’t a mandarin or a kiwi?

Have you ever wondered why the daily consumption of this miracle cure should make health insurance obsolete and drive doctors to despair?

Have you ever wondered why apples are not worshipped as a sanctuary and guarded with barbed wire fences?

Well, we haven’t wondered about that either, we just use apples as a natural sweetener. And, yes, doctors should be a little worried…

The only apple fact:

Everyone knows apples, everyone likes apples, apples cut the mustard!

Half, a quarter or an eighth of an apple?

During hours of pondering with our taste- and ingredients-mastermind Alex, we were having a hard time determining the final quantity to bring the perfect sweetness for one can of all i need. White Tea. A quarter of a very big apple? Half a rather small apple? How big is the small apple and how small does it seem compared to the biggest one? In the end, we came to the following conclusion: it’s the perfect sweetener. Period.

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