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all i need. Green Tea ingredients: green tea Sen-ergizer and cover model.
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Does green tea grow on trees?

Well, this is probably the wrong question to ask, because tea actually is a tree. But in traditional cultivation, it is being kept at the size of a bush and the leaves are picked by hand at different times. The rest is a tradition which is thousands of years old and about which our friends in Qingzhushan could talk several hours.

The facts

  • For all i need. we only use premium Sencha green tea, which stands out with its distinctive and fresh taste.
  • Our smallholder is located in Qingzhushan.
  • Every year, about 2 tons of Sencha green tea are imported to the “all i need. headquarter” in Vienna.
  • In contrast to coffee, tea has a long-lasting energizing and regenerating effect on body and mind.
  • For our all i need, about 3 grams of green tea per liter water are brewed at a temperature of 80°C, as this is the condition that allows the precious ingredients to unfold their full potential.
  • Sencha green tea is the only ingredient that has made it on the cover of our all i need. cans and bottles, and that says it all.

Tom & Alex & the green tea

all i need. Green Tea is not only a drink, as a project it wants to change people’s lives and society. What that looks like, how talented Tom and Alex are when it comes to picking tea and what our friends from the smallholder cooperative think about all i need., can be checked out here.

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