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Supporting smallholders helps the world We want to encourage smallholder agriculture all around the world.
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Despite difficult circumstances, smallholders produce a large part of the world’s food. By buying their products and bringing them to you, the consumers, companies like ours can support small farmers and thereby contribute to economic and social sustainability.

About 500 million smallholders in developing countries produce food for two billion people around the world. This means: almost a third of the world’s population gets food from smallholder families. Especially in developing countries small farmers produce a large part of the food.

The advantages are obvious: the smallholder agriculture is the global food industry’s backbone. It is established that, in the long term, smallholders can yield more per hectare land than big farms with monocultures. If we support and increase this type of food production, the world will be much less vulnerable to food crises.

Further, we can also impede that in the future it’s the big agricultural companies who control our soil. Investors and large corporations increasingly seek access to the world’s most important food resources – this means that the future of our vital resources is at stake. By supporting smallholders we can strengthen the local economy and contribute to food security.

The environmental aspect is also important: smallholders cultivate a large part of the world’s water and vegetation areas. And they do this in a very sustainable way: smallholders reduce the erosion of the soil, use water in a more efficient way, increase biodiversity and preserve the fertility of the soil. That is a win-win-situation for people and the environment.

Photo: © Rudolf Thalhammer.

We buy all i need.’s ingredients from smallholders because it is the more sustainable way – ecologically as well as economically. Our ginger comes from smallholders in Sri Lanka. The açaí is cultivated among fair conditions in Brazil; we buy our aronia from a family-run farm in Austria. Our organic Sencha green tea comes from a Fairtrade-cooperative in China.

Photo: © Rudolf Thalhammer.

In this way, we build bridges between the cultures, as products produced by small farmers in Sri Lanka and Brazil reach the consumers in the western world. Thereby we support smallholder agriculture nationally and internationally.

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