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“A moment of pure enjoyment with cola-feeling” was our goal and also exactly what we managed to create. The brand new drink produced in our all i need. tea-kitchen is the all i need. Black Tea with stimulating black tea and real colanut. Not only the taste but also the ingredients are sensational: in addition to real black tea and colanut, it is also showtime for lemon, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel. Combining all these ingredients, it is the perfect choice for a natural refresher.


Black Tea – the international superstar

Full-bodied & strong are only two of the attributes that describe the superstar among the teas – especially in the Western world – perfectly. Black tea not only enchants by its popularity but also by its wide range of tastes. And what could be better for a longlasting career than the potential to redefine yourself again and again?

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Colanut – back to the roots

Colanut is the name giver of all cola drinks but that is not its only characteristic: colanut, which is rich in caffeine, is also said to have a light aphrodisiac effect. Nevertheless, the stimulating ingredient is not included in hardly any cola drink since mass production mostly uses chemical ingredients instead. We from all i need. Black Tea chose a different way. We use real colanuts and go back to the roots!

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Lemon – the refreshing kick

Oh well, as the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Said and done! Lemon is the refreshing kick in all i need. Black Tea. It not only gives our tea that certain something but also contains a lot of vitamins. Or how we like to call it: the natural fun. In German, we also describe this ingredient with the idiom “sauer macht lustig” which means that you’ll be really funny if you eat something sour.

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Cardamom – do you really spell it this way?

Cardamom is a key ingredient in the ayurvedic diet and, therefore, also has to be part of the all i need. Black Tea. It is very rich in essential oils and can be seen as some kind of holistic prodigy, due to the positive impact it poses on the entire organism. And let us point out something: you did not find a typo – it is actually spelled cardamoM. You live and learn!

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Vanilla, Cinnamon & Co. – The Spice Girls

We asked ourselves, “What is life if there is no spice?” So we decided to add some natural plant extracts to our Black Tea. Vanilla, cinnamon & co. round off the full-bodied taste experience of all i need. Black Tea and contribute to the moment of pure enjoyment with cola-feeling. Viva forever!

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Sugar beet – home, sweet home

Is there anything sweeter than home? No, and therefore, we now use organic sugar beets from Austria for sweetening all i need. Green Tea. Regional and so close to our office in Vienna that the farmers can almost throw them over right from the fields. A pleasure for us and the farmers. In Austria, the percentage of organically cultivated sugar beets is way too low. So by drinking lots of all i need. Green Tea you're not only doing something good for yourself but also for the Austrian farmers and soils.

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The effects

all i need. Black Tea makes life a little bit more beautiful. Our Black Tea is 100% natural & back to the roots, which is why it is the perfect refresher with cola-feeling. At this point, we want to give special thanks to colanut, cardamom, our natural plant extracts like vanilla & cinnamon and caramel sugar syrup for contributing to our delicious drink. Enjoying something could not be easier.